Docker Notifier

I wrote a small .NET Core open source console app to listen to Docker container events and pipe them out to various destinations. The main reason I created this was because I hadn’t found something that did this and allowed various destinations. Also I wanted to develop something in .NET Core.

Slack is only included for now. Would love some feedback. Pull requests are welcome!

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Proxy traffic to web application Docker containers with nginx and Let’s Encrypt

I’ve been using Docker for a while now. The idea of running everything the same anywhere is like a dream come true and not having to worry about updating a package dependency on the server and breaking everything. For example the same server running multiple Python applications which require different versions. Ever since I moved from Digital Ocean to Scaleway I have begun to use Docker for almost everything I run on my Scaleway servers.

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Dockerized Web API in .NET Core

This weekend I decided to try setting up a simple Web API with .NET Core and Docker running it on Linux. The process was really straightforward. I got it up and running almost immediately. So I decided to share the process.

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Moving from DigitalOcean to Scaleway – My first experience with Docker

I’ve decided to move my server from DigitalOcean to Scaleway. The reason for this is mainly because of the pricing. Even though DigitalOcean is not expensive, Scaleway is much cheaper and I’m getting more in return.

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