GitLab CI – First experience

I tried GitLab CI for the first time today. I absolutely love GitLab, it’s a wonderful product and gets better and better each week. That’s the reason I wanted to try out GitLab CI.

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Git screw up? – reflog to the rescue!

When you screw up something in Git (bad merge/rebase, hard reset, etc.), you sometimes would like to go back before you screwed up, but you don’t know how. It’s very easy with the git reflog command!

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Git worktree feature

Have you ever been busy working on a branch but needed to push something to another branch without disrupting work on your current branch? Enter the worktree feature! It was introduced in Git 2.5 and is very handy when working on multiple branches simultaneously, without disrupting your work on the other branch. It got me very confused at first but it’s quite simple.

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Splitting up a commit in Git

My last post got fairly positive feedback, 77% upvotes on Reddit. But in the comments I was asked to add an important practical use-case, how to split commits. So instead of editing my previous post, I decided to make a new post demonstrating how I would do that.

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Interactive rebase in Git

Rebasing in Git is basically replaying commits on top of each other. But with interactive rebase you are in control of how they should be replayed and what should be done with them. You can re-arrange them, skip them, reword them, edit their changes and squash them together. This is a very powerful tool.

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How to use bisect in Git

There’s a method in Git that can become very useful when working in large projects where it is hard to find where bugs originated from. This is the git bisect command and allows you to find by binary search the change that introduced a bug.

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Aliases in Git I couldn’t be without

Let’s face it, Git is pretty raw, but it has the options to do cool stuff. That’s why I decided to make a post with the aliases I use all the time and couldn’t be without. Continue reading

How to commit the right way in Git

Most people write commit messages explaining in short what is in their commit, which in the long run tells other people NOTHING about the commit without having to go through the diff of the commit. But there is a better way to do this. Continue reading

How I handle changelogs using Git tags

I decided to write about how I handle production changelogs with Git using tags. After bunch of commits to my dev branch and when everything has been tested thouroughly, I merge it to master branch.

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