This is a project that is aimed towards retrieving statistics about COVID-19 in Iceland.

A simple React application that tells if it’s Friday or not.


Just a small Chrome extension to resize all your windows in one go. You can set width, height and whether you want your windows centered/minimized after resizing.

Docker Ubuntu base

A Superpowered Ubuntu base Docker image with various addons. A Docker image containing: Docker Docker Compose Git fnm Node Yarn TypeScript Babel And some Linux utilities: wget unzip jq iputils-ping iputils-traceroute telnet nmap dnsutils net-tools vim moreutils 7zip


A Node module that returns Icelandic holidays and other special days.

Docker Notifier

A .NET Core console application that monitors Docker events and pipes them out to various sinks. A sink is something that allows some data to flow through it.

WCF Proxy Generator

Generates WCF proxy classes from endpoints defined in Web.config file, using the ServiceModel Metadata Utility Tool from Microsoft. When you add a Service Reference in Visual Studio, the following files are generated: Service.disco Service.wsdl configuration.svcinfo configration91.svcinfo Reference.cs Reference.svcmap 4/6 of these files have the URL hardcoded in them. Merging branches with accidental changes done […]


A simple command/argument manager with a simple API that makes it easy to build dynamic commands and dynamic arguments with computed values. The Builder builds and manages commands. When a new Builder instance is created, it provides an simple API to create and execute commands, append and prepend dynamic arguments. So instead of […]